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Tool Instruction

Instructions on how to use the space calculating tool

  • You can rename the "ROOM TYPES" name fields to whatever you wish

  • You can modify the "QUANTITY" and "DIMENSIONS" of rooms to whatever you wish

  • Change the quantity to 0 in order to not have a "ROOM TYPE" included in your final calculation

  • Adjust the "CIRCULATION AREA" to the % that is allocated to common area that will be charged to you by the landlord, if applicable

  • Adjust the "CORE FACTOR" to 0 if it is not being used in your calculation

  • All of the entries you make will automatically be calculated and your "TOTAL RENTABLE AREA" will display at the bottom

  • You can also click on "Download to PDF" to save or print a copy of your results

*This is a free tool provided by a third party. The owners of this site takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the calculations being made. The calculations made are not for official use and may not be used in the course of an official transaction. 

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